New Stimulus Checks Update For 9 Millions Americans

Stimulus Check

At least 9 million Americans have yet to receive stimulus payments since the pandemic. And neither aware of their eligibility nor the dates of submission of tax file forms. Most of them even didn’t claim their payments, mostly from lower-income families.

Stimulus Checks Can Save Lives

Americans are running out of time to file tax return forms by IRS. The previously decided dates were till 17th October, which has been extended to 17th November. The IRS further elaborated that even if an individual was unemployed last year, they can still file for tax returns and claim their stimulus check payment. The government officials keep on reminding their fellow citizens about the dates. Not only tax returns or stimulus payments to claim, child tax credits as well are up for grabs. IRS is pursuing citizens not to overlook the dates and they will be sending letters to the citizens to shine some light on the eligibility criteria if they aren’t aware.

As inflation overpowered the country, the stimulus check payments started this month will be beneficial for them. The online tool IRS has opened to file taxes is a free tax preparation software for those individuals who didn’t successfully file taxes last year, they can file them now through this website and claim their stimulus payments. An individual who earned $73,000 or less last year is eligible to file via the website or the free tool IRS provided.

This is a massive chance for people with a financial crisis to receive a huge chunk of money at once, not only stimulus check payments but for those families who pay $8000 a month for two children at the daycare. These families can apply for the child tax credit and get up to $3000 per child aged between 6-17 years and under 6 years they will get $3600.An individual who meets all the criteria to receive payments may receive up to $1400, depending on their income.

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