Stetson Bennett Proving Haters Wrong

Stetson Bennett
Stetson Bennett

Stetson Bennett has been doubted since his football career began. In Athens’ locker room, players on scholarship did not have to share lockers. Bennett had to share with his roommate. 

Stetson Bennett describes his college football experience as humbling. He was the one rare QB that was scouted. All the years of people doubting him have made him immune to negative talk. 

The playoff semifinal of the Orange Bowl has the Georgia Bulldogs against the Michigan Wolverines, on Friday. Many people believe that Quarterback Stetson Bennett is not fit to lead the Bulldogs to the finals.

Georgia Bulldogs have had many Quarterbacks cone and go. Some good, some average but Bennett proved his worth each time. Bennett is talented and determined. He is the underdog of his team. 

Stetson Bennett On Being Doubted

Stetson explained that if his mother said such things it would hurt him but the Internet trolls? Not at all. Fans who post hurtful things and wish injury upon players make him feel weird. Stetson feels grateful that he is not a part of the fan’s family because he seems like a horrible person. 

Stetson does not believe in revenge. He would rather forget and move on. He knows that he does not have to prove anything to anyone. All he has to do is put in his best and support his team. 

Bennett had the poorest starting performance. In the SEC championship, Stetson tossed the ball twice and was intercepted. Bryce Young, from Alabama’s football team, played him like a fiddle. The loss hit the Georgia team hard. They began questioning Bennett’s ability when facing elite opponents. It resulted in the team’s top-ranked defense being broken. 

Todd Monken, an offensive coordinator, said that he is confident that Stetson is the way to go. He had full faith in the quarterback. He believes that they can win the championship with Bennett. 

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