NFG Receives “Hold” As The Average Recommendation By Brokerages


National Fuel Gas company (NYSE: NFG) receives “hold” as the consensus rating from the 11 research firms presently covering the stock. Two analysts have issued a rating of “sell” on the company’s stocks, two have rated the stock a “hold” and seven analysts issued a rating of “buy” on the company’s stocks. The average price objective for twelve months among brokerages is $47.06 last year.

NFG has been a topic of many research analysts’ reports. Goldman Sachs started coverage of the company’s shares on 24th September, Thursday. Goldman Sachs issued a rating of “neutral” on the company’s stocks and set a target price of $45.50.BidaskClub downgraded its ratings of the company’s stocks from “hold” to “sell” on Tuesday.

Transactions Of NFG Stock

NFG stock opened on Thursday at $42.13.It has $31.58 as its twelve-month low and $47.63 as its twelve-month high. The firm has $3.83 billion in market capitalization, a -30.98 ratio between price and earnings, and a 0.66 beta. The firm has a 1.33 ratio between the price and earnings, a 0.68 current ratio, and a 0.50 quick ratio. The firm has $41.71 as its moving average for 50 days and $42.01 as its moving average for 200 days.

The company issued its last quarterly earnings on November 5th, Thursday. The gas and oil producer reported earnings/share of $0.40 for this quarter beating the consensus estimate of Thomas Reuters by $0.06.The company has a negative 8.00% net margin and a 12.20% positive equity returns. The company had $287.99 million in its quarterly revenue compared to consensus estimates of around $353.74 million.

NFG operates like a company of diversified energy. It operates mainly through 4 segments: Production and Exploration, Storage and Pipeline, Utility, and Gathering. The Production and Exploration segment develops, produces and explores oil and natural gas in the United States’s Appalachian region and in California.

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