CUZ Stock Receives Hold As The Average Rating By Brokerages


Cousin Properties Incorp.(NYSE: CUZ) Earned “Hold” as the consensus rating from 6 analysts presently covering the stock. One analyst issued a rating of “sell”, one analyst issued a rating of “hold” and three analysts issued a rating of “buy” on the company’s stocks. The price target of the company among analysts in 12 months is $35.63 last year.

CUZ has been a topic of any analyst reports. The Street upgraded its ratings from “c+” to “b-“ on the company’s stocks on November 27th, Friday. Wells Fargo decreased the price objective of the company’s stocks from $37.00 – $35.00 and issued a rating of “overweight” on the company’s stocks on September 23rd, Wednesday.

More About The CUZ Stock

CUZ shares opened on Thursday at $33.61.The firm has $4.99 billion in market capitalization, a 14.42 PE ratio, a 3.98 ratio between price and earnings, and a 1.11 beta. The firm has a 1.04 current ratio, a 1.04 quick ratio, and a 0.43 ratio between debt and equity. The company’s stock has $32.55 as its moving average for 50 days and $30.43 as its moving average for 200 days. It has $21.15 as its twelve-month low and $42.99 as its twelve-month high.

The company recently disclosed quarterly dividends to be paid on January 14th, Thursday. Investors will get a $0.30/share dividend. This represents the dividend of $1.20 on an annual basis and the 3.57% dividend yield.

CUZ is a self-administered,self-managed, and fully integrated investment trust in real estate. The firm, based in GA, Atlanta, and acting with the company’s operating partnership primarily invests in office towers of Class A located in the Sun Belt high growth markets.

The company, originally launched in 1958, creates value for the shareholders through its immense expertise in development, leasing, management, and acquisition of high-quality assets in real estate.