NFL, NFLPA agreement includes specific prohibitions on player activities

It took a while but the NFL and NFLPA have sent out instructions to return to work during the Coronavirus pandemic.

 Two sides agreed upon this deal on Friday morning which will see strict measures implemented to continue the halted football season. 

The deal specifically prohibits players from engaging in certain behaviors this season such as attending indoor night clubs, indoor bars (except to pick up food), house parties with more than 15 people, professional sporting events, indoor concerts, or indoor church services with more than 25% attendance.

Revisions have been agreed upon the CBA for the sake of installing safety measures, trimming off of roster size, and other topics related to the remaining NFL calendar season.

Players might have to pay a hefty fine for violating these rules. If they test positive for the virus after engaging in these activities, NFL will not compensate them for the missed games. All future guarantees mentioned in their contracts would turn useless.

The goal is to stop players from violating the rules and hence protect them from the virus or let them spread it in the team. So coaches and team leaders must be very direct and strict about the acceptable behavior of the players away from work.

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