NFL Suspends Bobby Hart From Bills OL Over Allegations Of Punching Titan Coach In The Head

Bobby Hart

Following Bobby Hart, a lineman for Buffalo Bills, reportedly struck a Titans trainer in the face on their match on Monday, the League banned him for a match on Tuesday.

In a statement, the NFL Vp of Football Department Jon Runyan sent a message to Hart and included it in Bobby Hart’s suspension announcement. After Buffalo’s 41-7 victory on Monday evening, Runyan claims Hart went looking for an unidentified Tennessee player outside the tunnel. The NFL claims that Bobby Hart lunged at the Titans player but instead hit one of the team’s coaches.

The NFL justified the ban by referencing the League’s poor sportsmanship behavior guidelines. Bobby Hart is unable to play in Sunday’s AFC East matchup against the similarly 2-0 Dolphins. Following Sunday’s game, he will be able to participate in practice once more.

Bobby Hart Suspended Over Allegation Of Punching A Titans Coach In The Head: 

The ban is being challenged by Bobby Hart, according to numerous sources. According to the provisions of the CBA, the challenge will be considered by an official chosen by the League and NFLPA together. Since Tuesday evening, there has been no footage of the claimed event. The matter had not been discussed in public by Bobby Hart, the Bills, or the Titans.

Hart, a backup guard for said Bills, is 28 years old. He, a 7th selection of the NY Giants in 2015, spent last campaign mostly on the Titans practice squad before being acquired by Buffalo Bills in November. He returned to Buffalo this summer on another year’s contract. Hart participated in 83 Football games, with 67 appearances, for the NY Giants, Bengals, Tennessee Titans, and for the Buffalo Bills during eight seasons before this one.


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