Matt Rife Invites Backlash Over Domestic Violence Joke In Netflix Special

Matt Rife

Matt Rife was the target of online derision after a joke about domestic violence in his Netflix special did not go down well with the audience. The comic gained popularity through TikTok. He has been on popular shows including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Wild N’Out.

His piece about domestic violence in Natural Selection spoke of a waitress sporting a black eye even as she served customers. Matt Rife mentions that she should instead be cooking inside so that customers would not have to see her face. And then he indicates that perhaps she did not know how to cook. He explained that if she did, she would not have suffered the black eye.

The humor fell flat even with the audience. Matt Rife appears to notice the gaffe and mentions that things would be easy sailing from then on. But the comedian has not issued an apology. Instead, he has responded by linking offended people to sites that peddle helmets to protect special needs people against head injury.

Viewers Have Accused Matt Rife Of Making Fun Of The Helpless And The Marginalized

However, some viewers have backed him and said that he should not back down. Matt Rife was targeted earlier in 2016 and again in 2020 for content in his shows that a section of the audience found offensive.

Matt Rife has also posted a story on Instagram in which he tells his followers that he has two YouTube specials he said were streaming free. Clips of the joke are circulating online within hours of the special being released. One clip even had over 2 million viewers even as more people found the part offensive.

Matt Rife’s followers have grown in exponential numbers since 2020 on TikTok but many fans and viewers have attacked the comedian for ‘punching down’ and not ‘punching up’, something they say he should be doing by making fun of those in position of power.