Ethereum Crosses Major Hurdle In Shift To Proof Of Stake: The Merge Successfully Concluded On Kiln


There was much to cheer about for the Ethereum community. On March 15 Tim Beiko, the Ethereum developer announced that The Merge was successful on Kiln. This was the final Merge test net, formerly known as Ethereum 2.0, till the upgrade will be deployed on Ethereum’s public testnets.

This highly anticipated chain merge of Ethereum will combine the Eth2 Beacon Chain with the existing ETH MainNet, thus transitioning the network from the present Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake-based consensus.

The foundation has written that this Merge denotes 6 years of development and research in ETHlocks, and a power reduction by an incredible 99.98% when it comes on mainnet

Merge Finally Announces Culmination F 6 Years Research And Development In Ethereum

But things didn’t go as planned. There were multiple errors in contract creation. Clients could not produce blocks consistently, even though the present network was stable. With less than two-thirds of validators rightly finalising. Other ETH developers also commented on that matter and pointed out that Prysm was offering bad blocks at times of changeover on Kiln.

On March 15, the ETH Foundation announced that The Merge has finally been executed successfully on the recently launched Kiln testnet.

Like in the ETH mainnet, Kiln’s execution layer got launched under proof-of-work running parallel to a Beacon Chain running proof-of-stake, according to the foundation. It wrote that The Merge happened on March 15 and the network is running now totally under proof-of-stake.

The kiln is expected to be the final merge testnet created before existing public testnets get upgraded. Ethereum has also told developers, infrastructure providers, node operators, and stakers to experiment on Kiln before they attempt to launch on testnet deployments of The Merge.

Going by the recent progress, Superphiz, a researcher of ETH predicted that The Merge will occur in June