NHL Reports Record Revenue Mark: Commissioner Reveals Figures


The NHL Commissioner has revealed strong revenues exceeding $5.2B this season going by conservative estimates. Speaking before the first game of the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche Cup Final, Gary Bettman was all praise for the league partners for concluding the regular season after a break of 2 years. That helped in initiating the much-desired financial recovery.

Bettman was accompanied by the NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly. He revealed that by continuing to operate at full capacity, they have fulfilled the fundamental of business. It led to a healthy increase in US media revenues. He said that attendance figures at back to where they previously were, at times even better.

The NHL Commissioner said that the initial two rounds of the playoff generated as much as 88% of the total revenues that the league achieve in its two rounds during the last instance the normal playoffs were possible in 2019. He said that the NHL continued to operate even under extremely difficult circumstances, and has still managed to stabilize NHL’s business and revenues, and power ahead.

Higher Scoring Rate Responsible For Higher Revenues In The NHL

Bettman believes that the increase in the scoring rate was in part responsible for the higher revenues this season. He gave assurances that the NHL would continue to flourish at the same pace. The starting date has been put forward at October 11 and the schedule for the whole 2022-23 season will be disclosed by July.

Bettman said he expects the NHL would continue to generate revenues and grow at the present pace. He projected a two to the three-year time frame for paying off its debts. He said that he would be able to project into the near future only after they get the fix of things. But he said that it had been a very solid and strong year.

The Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner also addressed other issues including the recent lawsuit filed against Hockey Canada by a woman in 2018 alleging sexual assault by several members of Canada’s junior team. The NHL had condemned the behavior as being reprehensive and abhorrent and Daly assured that the probe was still on.

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