Nick Cannon’s Creative Entry Into “The Masked Singer”

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Fans of the show, The Masked Singer, turned out to be true in their assumptions with regard to the show. It was assumed that it would not be easy for any wildcard to beat the finalists of group B. but what was out of prediction was the fact that the new performer was just a unique way to reintroduce Nick Cannon, the host of the show.

Nick Cannon Surprised Everyone

There is a high chance that the one going home will be Niecy Nash, the host, and not any other contestant. Nash was there only temporarily because Nick Cannon could not continue working as he was infected by the coronavirus. And since there is no one who is going home tonight, it provides a golden opportunity for the Group B members. They will be performing once more proving to fans their seriousness in winning the show. All the three best performers of the group will remain. They include Piglet, Chameleon, and Swan. Along with them, Crab, the wildcard member will also be remaining.

Nick Cannon, the host, performed so well that he could not be recognized by any of his co-stars. The performance that he gave was dedicated to Nash. The clues that were provided, took the panel in all the wrong directions. The names of other comedians were called out like Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.

Nick Cannon made the use of a very high-pitched voice. It made Ken Joeng think that it was Chris Tucker. And the clues of B99 and Saturday Night Live let him make the consideration if it was Andy Samberg, the American actor. The old host made an entrance to the show, was extremely creative. However, there is no doubt that Nash will be missed to a great extent by the fans.

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