Infrastructure Bill Worth Trillions Gets Opened For Debate By the Senate

Infrastructure bill
Infrastructure bill

The infrastructure bill, roughly worth $1 trillion, was voted on by the Senate on Wednesday. The vote was done to start a debate on the bill after negotiating for a few weeks. This marked a critical advancement of the agenda of President Biden in Congress.

More than half the amount in the infrastructure bill, nearly $550 billion, is sourced from new funding from the federal government. $73 billion is to be invested in rebuilding the electric grid, the expansion of broadband access of Internet would need $65 billion, Freight rail and passenger $66 billion, water infrastructure would have $55 billion, fixing bridges would have $40 billion, creating the first network of charging stations for the electric vehicles under the federal government would have an investment of $7.5 billion and public transit modernization would need $39 billion.

Infrastructure Bill To Change The Face Of The Country?

According to sources at the White House, there are claims that the Infrastructure Bill can result in investments across a broad range of areas in the US infrastructure. This can further cause many of the infrastructures to completely get transformed over time and can become the largest investments to be made in a number of decades.

All the 21 senators across both the parties came upon an agreement and stated that the bipartisan agreement on the infrastructure bill would result in America have one of the finest infrastructures made with one of the strongest investments. The plan is further supposed to create several jobs in the community that pays well, without the addition of further taxes. Although coming to the agreement was not an easy task, the senators put in work that needed to be done and showcases the harmony between the two parties while working together to make America better, and address its needs. President Biden showed perseverance and ensured that the matter is pressed forward until a concrete conclusion is formed.

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