ORCL (Oracle Co.) Earnings Forecast For 2022 Q1


Keycorp analysts and researchers for ORCL have raised their estimates for the firm’s first quarterly earnings. This was reported on the 10th of March Wednesday. 

The researchers have now said that the software provider will now post a quarterly per share of 0.94 dollars. The previous estimate stated an amount a little lower, of 0.92 dollars. The rating by KeyCorp is “overweight.” The firm’s stock has a price objective of 82.00 dollars. Keycorp further issued reports of estimates for ORCL’s Q2 and Q4 earnings. The prices estimated are 1.05 dollars EPS and 1.27 dollars EPS, respectively. 

Other Analysts Also Weigh In On NYSE: ORCL

Oracle Co.’s stock has been a subject of research for several analysts. ORCL’s share price was given a hike by Piper Sandler. Their previous estimate was 50 dollars, which turned into 57 dollars. But it gave the firm’s stock a rating of ‘neutral.’ Oppenheimer gave Oracle a rating of ‘hold.’ Both the reports were submitted on the 11th of December. 

The share target price was raised again, this time by Cowen. Their previous price was 70 dollars which was increased to 77 dollars. BMO Capital Markets rated ‘market performance’ and hiked their previous amount from 64 dollars to 80 dollars. ORCL’s price was again given a boost by Morgan Stanley. Their new price is 73 dollars, compared to their last one— 67 dollars. They further rated Oracle an ‘equal weight.’ 

Twenty-seven analysts have reported on the firm’s shares. Eleven of these have rated NYSE: ORCL a ‘buy.’ Fifteen others have rated it a ‘hold.’ One of the researchers has given the firm a ‘sell’ rate. The average target is 70.13 dollars and a ‘hold’ rating

NYSE: ORCL shares opened on Monday with 67.16 dollars. Over 47.54% of the stock is owned by institutional investors.