Nintendo says up to 160,000 Nintendo Accounts may have been accessed by hacks

The NNID authorization has been disabled by Nintendo after several parties have been accessed by hackers through this. Close to 160,000 accounts have been thought to be hacked. According to their official statement, the hackers obtained the NNID password and username through illegal means, and not through their services. 

Nicknames, date of birth, country/region, email address, and gender associated with the NNIDs and Nintendo Accounts that were compromised as part of the breach may have been exposed, Nintendo warns. Some accounts may have been used for fraudulent purchases, including large amounts of Fortnite’s in-game currency, V-Bucks, according to reports from affected users.

Nintendo has promised to reset its passwords – especially the accounts that have been hacked- and inform the owners of that account about the change via email. Along with this, the company also suggests one use a two-step security procedure for the password.