NIO Is Expected To Post An EPS Of $0.12


Many brokerage firms from Wall Street have predicted that the stocks of NIO will be reporting an EPS of $0.12 for the present quarter. As reported by Zacks, none of the analysts have provided any estimate into the earnings of the firm. The EPS reported by the company the previous year was $0.22, which implies a positive annual growth rate of about 45.5%. The company will be releasing its next quarterly report on the 27th of May.

The Quarterly Estimates of NIO

Interestingly, the company did put out its previous quarterly report on the 1st of March. The EPS reported by the company was $1.05, which comprehensively beat the consensus estimate of about $0.16. The revenue generated by the company was $6.64 billion, which was slightly less than the consensus estimate of $6.71 billion. 

There have been quite a few research equity firms that have commented on the stocks of NIO. Daiwa Capital Markets was one of the first equities to cover the stocks in a 14th December research report. The rating put up on the company was ‘buy’. Smith Barney Citigroup also reaffirmed their previous rating of neutral in a 12th January research report.

Jefferies Financial Group has also covered the stocks of the firm in a 19th January research note, where the rating of the company was hold, with a $60 price target. Nomura gave NIO a rating buy, with a price target of $80.30. 

One of the research equity analysts provided the firm with a rating of sell, while seven others gave it a rating of hold. Eleven other research equity firms gave NIO a rating of buy. The consensus rating of NIO currently is Buy, with a $49.18 price target. 

The stocks of NIO opened up on Friday at $0.53. The market cap was $58.34 billion, with a -48.92 PE ratio. The beta of the company was set at 2.81.