Ilhan Omar Rebuked: Attacked By Pelosi And Fellow Democrats

ilhan omar
ilhan omar

Ilhan Omar received flak from Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats for her comments on the ‘unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and even the Taliban. She has tweeted that there ought to be the same level of accountability and justice for every victim of crimes against humanity.

In a rare public rebuke against a fellow Democrat, lawmakers ganged up to speak out against Ilhan Omar. Led by Brad Schneider, Representative from Illinois, 12 Democrats issued a joined statement denouncing the tweet. They accused her of harboring deep-seated prejudices and overlooking the difference between democracies and despicable organizations engaged in terrorism.

Israel And US Not Epitome Of Democracy: Concede Democrats

While acknowledging that both the US and Israel have not been the epitome of perfection like all democracies, such false comparisons encouraged groups who engage in or support terrorism, Pelosi said

Pelosi stated along with Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader, and several other Democrats and urged Ilhan Omar to clarify her position on the issue.

The initial comment on Monday as part of a tweet asking a question to Anthony Blinken, Secretary of state. She further asked Blinken to clarify where they people should seek justice.

The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel has led to around 250 deaths in Palestinian areas and 12 deaths in Israel.

Ilhan Omar Hits Back

Republicans accused her of anti-Semitism. Ilhan Omar refused to be cowed down and found the Islam phobic tropes in their statement offensive. She refused to be silenced and accused the signatories of harassment.

She said that the truth would ultimately come out and there was no point in undermining investigations. She has been racially attacked for her stance and been called a raghead and an anti-American communist. Such incitement leads to violence, she protested.

She had clarified that she was not in any way equating democratic countries with terrorist outfits. Hoyer and Pelosi have welcomed the clarification.