Amy Schumer Talks About Her Uterus And Appendix, Reveals About Her Endometriosis

amy schumer

Amy Schumer had shared a video on Instagram and spoken about the amount of blood in her uterus. She made that video in a hospital.

Amy Schumer is currently 40 and had addressed the removal of her appendix and uterus on Instagram. The video was shot by Chris Fischer while she was recovering in the hospital.

Amy Schumer Talks About The Surgery

She looked at the camera and talked about how she woke up after the surgery and saw that her uterus was out. The doctor had spotted 30 regions of endometriosis which was removed. He removed the appendix too, as it was attacked by the endometriosis.

There was a lot of blood in her uterus. She was extremely sore and had gastric pains.

Amy Schumer captioned her picture “If you have really painful periods, you may have endometriosis.”

Many of her friends reacted to her update in the comment section and had encouraged her with words of support.

Debra Messing replied with a shock that she had 30 spots. She was happy that they were removed and that Amy Schumer won’t have the same pain again.

Padma Lakshmi had thanked her for sharing her story on endometriosis. She stated that over a 200million women face this.

Vanessa Carlton replied with a sorry. She was happy that her life would be less painful now, but there’s no guarantee about the “gas”.

Elle King added to the comments by saying “Love You”.

Amy Schumer was previously diagnosed with adenomyosis. She discussed the risks of having another baby in August. She had her son with Fischer in May 2019. 

They had Gene David by means of IVF and it was quite tough on the star. She stated that she can never do it again. She decided that she will not be pregnant again and will think about a surrogate later in life.