NIKE (NYSE: NKE) Has Been Bestowed With An Average ‘Buy’ Rating


38 Research firms have given a consensus ‘buy’ recommendation to NIKE (NYSE: NKE) shares. The company has an average $152.60 price objective for 12 months from brokerages.

On Friday, the company started from $141.60 in the stock market with the market cap being $222.29B. The lowest in 52 weeks is $60 while the highest is $147.95. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 2.55, 1.77, and 1.02. Their 50-day rolling average stands at $134.73 while the 200-day is at $116.42.

According to the 17th December report, NIKE had a quarterly EPS earnings of $0.78 that topped that $0.63 consensus estimate by almost $0.15. Their net margin was 7.20% with 34.62% equity return. Their quarterly revenue was at $11.24B, surpassing the $10.51B estimate.

Undertakings Of NKE Stock

Stifel Nicolaus increased the price objective of Nike stock to $154 from $140 and gave the rating of ‘buy’. Robert Baird raised it to $115 from $95 and gave a rating of ‘neutral’. BTIG Research lifted it to $162 from $152. The Street increased the rating of NIKE stock to ‘b’ from ‘c+’. KeyCorp issued a price objective of $174 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’.

Heidi O’Neill, an insider, sold off 30,000 NKE shares at $130 EPS worth $3,900,000. Hilary Krane, CAO, sold off 5,670 NKE stock at $123.30 EPS worth $699,111. Insiders own 3.80% NIKE stock.

BlackRock Inc increased its holdings on NKE stock by almost 5.2% in Q2, owning shares valued at $9,381,973,000. Jennison Associates raised its stake by approximately 19.7% in Q3 and owns a total of $1,962,681,000 worth of shares. Nuveen Management increased its stake by approximately 0.4% in Q2, owning $1,259,714,000 worth of shares. Charles Schwab Management raised their position by almost 29.7% in Q2 and own shares valued at $731,756,000. Sands Cap. Management increased their stake by about 2.1% in Q3, owning $862,358,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 55.61% NKE stock.

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