Analyzing NTDOY Stock After Shares Receive A Consensus ‘Hold’ Rating


6 research firms have assigned a consensus ‘hold’ recommendation to Nintendo Co. Ltd (OTCMKTS: NTDOY) shares. 1 analyst gave a rating of ‘sell’, 2 issued a rating of ‘hold’, and 3 gave a rating of ‘buy’.

On 25th December, Friday, the shares of the company started at a price of $78.58 at the stock market. The business enterprise has a market cap standing at $82.77 billion. The firm also has a PE quotient standing at 19.69, the PEG quotient at 1.78 along with a 0.71 beta.

The company had experienced its 52 weeks lowest at $35.82. Additionally, the highest of Nintendo Company is at $82.55. Furthermore, the stock of the company has a 50-day rolling average price standing at $70.09. The 200-day rolling average price is $64.79.

NTDOY Stock Ventures

Nintendo had last posted their quarterly earnings report on 5th November, Thursday. They issued a quarterly EPS earnings of $1.03 in that quarter. This topped the $0.57 EPS consensus estimate by almost $0.46.

Nintendo had quarterly revenue of about $3.88B that surpassed the $2.29B estimate. Their net margin was 25.09% with a 25.97% equity return.

ValuEngine decreased the rating for NTDOY stock to ‘sell’ from ‘hold’ on 10th November. Jefferies Fin. Group increased the rating for the company to ‘buy’ from ‘hold’ on 10th September.ARK Management bought a new stake in NTDOY stock in the 3rd quarter, owning $110,412,000 worth of shares. Public Retirement System in Ohio bought a new stake in the company in Q3 and own shares valued at $1,531,000. Also, Inverness Counsel acquired new holdings in NTDOY in Q3, owning shares priced at $1,418,000.

Clifford Swan Counsel increased its holdings on the company by 26.5% in Q3 and owns a total of $4,219,000 worth of shares. Ultimately, Pacer Advisors acquired a new stake in the company in Q3, owning $681,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 0.19% NTDOY stock.

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