Thailand Takes Off Kratom From List Of Illegal Drugs


Thailand took the step of decriminalizing kratom on Tuesday, which happens to be a leaf found in the tropical regions and has been used since ancient times for its remedial properties. However, some healthcare and well-being regulators have viewed kratom with criticism deeming it to be potentially unsafe.

Apart from Thailand, kratom is highly popular in the U.S., but the FDA has issued a warning against using the herbal plant, mentioning the risks of abuse and addiction. This plant belongs to the family of coffee and has been in use for centuries in the countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand. This plant has been used for its specific properties of relieving pain and having mild effects of stimulation.

The change in the law of Thailand means that the public would be now allowed to sell and consume kratom powder legally. This would mark over a total of 1000 prisoners who were convicted because of offenses related to kratom. Although kratom has not been subjected to restrictions internationally, WHO made an announcement last month in which they started conducting tests regarding exercising control over kratom. Kratom is legal in some places, like Indonesia but may be classified as illegal by pressure from some politicians.

Kratom And Its Relationship To Thailand

Kratom is basically native to Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The legalization of the substance is considered overdue and was welcome by the people. It is also said to end a legacy of criminalizing a drug that has been used since ancient times in the traditional and the rural communities within the country. 

Drug offenses in Thailand are a very serious issue that is dealt with an iron hand. Possession of a few pills of methamphetamine, or commonly, “meth” can lead the person to be sentenced to over a decade of prison time. However, it was also the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize the cultivation and use of medical marijuana.