Thiessen Of Saved By The Bell Makes A Revelation About Mac’s Father

Saved By The Bell
Saved By The Bell

Tiffani Thiessen didn’t wait for Maury Povich to confirm Mac Morris’s father on the revival of Saved By the Bell. In the finale of season 1, the character of Kelly Kapowski played by Thiessen planted a few paternity doubts. In one scene, Mitchell Hoog asks his mother about his father. Kelly responded nervously that he is not Jeff’s son.

This led to some fans interpreting that Patrick Muldoon(Jeff) might be the father of Mac instead of Paul Gosselaar(Zack Morris), her husband. Thiessen promised that Mac is not Jeff’s son while promoting Deliciousness, her MTV series on Thursday. She only said the line because it was a funny good line. Mac looks like Zack. She praised Mitchell’s acting. She also praised the acting of every kind cast on the Saved By The Bell.

Thiessen Talks About Saved By The Bell

Tiffani Thiessen was surprised that Kelly and Zack didn’t have any more kids. She always thought of Kelly and Zack as a couple who would have at least 4 kids. It is the way the show is written and nobody should argue about that. She loved the episode of ‘Zack Attack’ and also thinks the fans loved to view them together one more time.

There were also scenes in the script which she refuses to talk about but she thinks if they have a second season, they would love to do those scenes. She also talked about expanding the role of Kelly which will depend on whether they can participate in the show Saved By the Bell more. Right now she has a lot of commitments so everything depends on the timing.

Whatever happens to the show, she would always be grateful because she got to hang out with her old gang. In the future, she seems excited about the prospect of working with original castmates such as Screech(Dustin Diamond), Mr. Belding(Dennis Haskins), and Tori(Leanna Kreel).