Noelle Dunphy Accuses Rudy Giuliani Of Being A Racist, Rapist, And Bad Lawyer

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Late on May 15th, Monday, Noell Dunphy filed a court complaint against Rudy Giuliani in the state court of New York. Dunphy was Giuliani’s business development director. In the case, Dunphy accuses the former mayor of a tremendous number of charges. As such, she had described every one of them in visceral detail.

What Did Rudy Giuliani Not Do?

Among the long list of charges included accusations of sexual abuse as well as rape. As per what was written in the complaint, Rudy Giuliani allegedly began to abuse Dunphy almost as soon as she had begun working under him. Apparently, Giuliani had also made it compulsory for Dunphy to satisfy him sexually whenever and wherever he desired. This was allegedly an essential requirement for her to keep her job and for him to represent her legally.

Dunphy was promised a yearly salary, as per the suit’s details, which was a sum of $1Mn. However, Dunphy claimed that Rudy Giuliani claimed that she would not be receiving the salary nor an official notification about her employment until the divorce was finalized. This was Giuliani’s divorce with Judith Nathan, the third wife. He claimed that the former wife along with her law team were keeping an eye on Giuliani’s accounts. As such, should they find out about the recent hiree being a female, Rudy Giuliani feared a violent retaliation from Judith.

The other graphic descriptions included the first instance when Rudy Giuliani forced Dunphy into sexual intercourse. She also supplied disparaging recordings of Giuliani spouting obscene statements about his own sexual desires and fantasies. There are also recordings of him saying racist comments regarding colleagues and different ethnic groups. Furthermore, all of these were recorded with the knowledge of Rudy Giuliani.