The Same-Store Sales Of BKE Have Increased By 8.4%


The stocks of BKE have already seen their same-store sales climb by about 8.4% the previous month. The shares of the company didn’t climb any further with the trading sessions resuming on the first day. 

There have been quite a few research reports that have commented on the stocks of BKE. Zacks Investment Research has already increased the rating of the company from hold to buy, with a price target of $35 published on the 11th of November. TheStreet has also increased the rating of the company from c+ to b in an 11th September research report. In the end, ValuEngine also increased the rating on the stocks of the company from a rating of sell to a rating of hold in a research report that was published on the 10th of November. 

The Quarterly Earnings of BKE

It has also been reported that Director Karen B. Rhoads has already sold close to 20,000 shares of the stock in a November 23rd transaction. The shares have been sold at a price of $28.23, bringing up the total price to $564,600. After the transaction has been dealt with, the director has ownership of 5,062 shares in the stocks of the company- which have been valued at around $142,900.26. 

The stocks of BKE traded at $29.20 last Friday. The market cap of the firm was $1.44 billion, with a beta of 1.20, and a PE ratio of 12.81. The moving average of the firm over 50-days is $29.32, with the moving average over 200-days being $21.83. The year low of the firm is $11.76, while the year high of the firm is $33.50. 

BKE previously updated the results of their quarterly earnings last Thursday, the 19th of November. The company had been reporting an EPS of $0.85 for this quarter, as they comfortably beat out the consensus estimate as set by Thomson Reuters of $0.55. The revenue earned by the firm over the period was $251.01 million, which is more than the consensus estimate of $251 million. The net margin of the company is 13.07%, with the return on its equity fixed at 27.47%.

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