Republican Controlled North Carolina Supreme Court Will Reopen Redistricting Case

North Carolina

The GOP-controlled Supreme Court of North Carolina will rehear voter identification and redistricting in specific cases in which the Republicans lost. The Lame Duck Supreme Court perhaps just opened the road for the reversal of redistricting.

General Assembly has plans to redraw the state legislative district, but their dreams might end up clashing with the constitution of North Carolina. The Supreme Court of the state has recently resurrected the process of redistricting through a recent decision in the case of Harper v. Hall.

The ruling by North Carolina on redistricting will open the road for new Senate and House districts to be drawn by the General Assembly in North Carolina in 2023. This will spare the leaders of the state legislature from going on a more suspect path constitutionally in the end. In the end, it might even lead to the Supreme Court restoring the statutory maps it struck down in 2022.

Leaders Of The General Assembly In North Carolina Plan To Redraw Districts

The House Speaker Tim Moore and the Pro Tempore Senate President Phil Berger also intend to redraw corrective legislative maps of the Assembly drawn through a court order, though there remains difficulty with that plan.

The Constitution of North Carolina states that state Senate and House districts cannot be altered until another decennial population census is taken through an order passed by Congress. And the next one is only in 2030.

Legislators will not be able to contend that the present maps were drawn exclusive of the constitutionally correct process and hence not established as they were done through an order by the court. That would clear them of the ten-year limit on the map-drawing process. But this theory treads on thin ice as the General Assembly drew the present maps, not the courts.