NYC Mayoral Debate: Who Won The First Round?

NYC Mayoral Debate
NYC Mayoral Debate

The first televised NYC Mayoral debate was one by Democratic nominee Eric Adams after three independent analysts had a moderate takeaway. The Democratic nominee was the only candidate who stood by his script for the hour-long forum and usually ignored most of the attacks that came across the other side- his Republican opponent Curtis Sliwa.

The decision of the Democrat to ease off while his Republican opponent and former talk show host kept taking potshots at him helped deprive the Republican of any chance at reshaping the contest on the 2nd of November. 

NYC Mayoral Debate Sees Adams Scoring Easy Win

Chapin Fay, the press secretary for George Pataki- the former Republican Governor, stated that the Democrats comfortably outnumber the conservatives by a 7-to-1 margin, and irrespective of how well Sliwa manages to perform in the NYC Mayoral Debate, the city usually grades on a major curve- and he would not be getting more than a B.

Sliwa has been recognized as a single-issue candidate, and his victory road got shut down when the other side had a moderate Black cop as their nomination. He further joked about the situation- wishing Sliwa’s cats would be able to vote- securing his win. 

The conclusion drawn by Fay in the NYC Mayoral Debate was also voiced by a couple of veteran strategists from the Democratic Party- Eric Koch, and Eric Soufer- who also maintained scorecards during the WNBC-TV/Univision/Politico New York forum- which managed to take place at the NBC Studios in Midtown. Soufer maintained that Adams secured a win simply because he didn’t lose his calm when Sliwa was aiming for him. 

Most analysts are of the opinion that the NYC Mayoral Debate had two polar candidates- Adams, who wanted to win, and Sliwa- who wanted to create a moment on stage.

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