How did Betfred Become the Giant it is Today


Betfred, one of the most renowned betting companies in the UK, is setting new trends in the gambling industry. With over 1,700 betting shops and millions of customers, Betfred is quickly changing the betting sphere. Since its inception, the company has been employing some of the most innovative strategies to facilitate its expansion. On those lines, here are top strategies that helped Betfred become the giant it is today.

Good Customer Service

Done, the founder of Betfred, was extremely kind and hospitable. He treated his customers with total respect. He even went the extra mile to provide them with complimentary drinks.

This helped Betfred expand rapidly and in less than three years, it had over 200 betting shops in Europe. As the company continued to expand, Done made sure that good customer service was maintained all through.  

Betfred was the first betting site to pay its customers before a game’s results were officially announced. Betfred, in March 1998 paid all their players who had bet that Manchester United, a popular England-based football team would win the Premier League before the game’s conclusion. Done had absolute confidence in the team, which subsequently won by one messy goal.

Introduction of

By March 2005, Betfred had established over 500 betting shops. And this is when Done saw a huge potential for expansion in the online gambling industry. He launched, which turned out to be an epicenter of success.

Betfred has always been dedicated to ensuring that its customers are gambling responsibly. Plus, they offer tons of betting options, including poker, slot games, bingo, live casino games, and a lot more. Their customer service is also outstandingly reliable.

Two years after the website was launched, the company expanded into a mobile version, offering players the opportunity to access services anywhere on the go.  Plus, players utilize the same bankroll and are provided with outstanding bonuses and promotions.  

Social Media Reliance

Betfred is now available on various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. The betting company has several twitter accounts that focus on different aspects of their website like a page for golfing fans and another one for bingo players. Players are regularly updated with the latest information on what’s happening in the gambling industry. They also notify you of any special promotions you could take advantage of. This strategy has significantly increased Betfred’s popularity. In the year 2013, the company received the Best Innovation in Social Media Marketing Award.

Purchase of The Tote

In 2011, Betfred purchased The Tote. And this led to its acquisition of 517 shops. This expansion into the racing sphere has proven to be highly beneficial to The Tote has actually been up for sale for quite some time, but it wasn’t until Betfred significantly increased their offer that The Tote owners decided to accept them.


Betfred successfully sponsored the Owenton Stadium, Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, as well as, the Sheffield and Kinsley Greyhound Stadium. Between 2009 and 2012, the company also sponsored four tournaments in the World Snooker Championships. These aren’t the only sponsorships Betfred has made, there are a lot more. Even more, the newly launched site by Betfred offers you access to a myriad of betting sports, including football and horse racing. 

The Bottom-Line

With a host of live events and sports betting odds, Betfred brings you right into the winning zone with real-time results. It offers attractive bonuses, promos, charities, and sponsorships. Since its inception, the company has continued to revolutionize the betting industry. Thus, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you give it a serious thought.