Paris Hilton Looking For Reform Of Troubled Teen Industry

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Wednesday saw Paris Hilton walking the hallways of the Senate as she met with legislators to advocate for youth protection in congregate care centers. Standing for a press conference outside the Capitol, the reality star stated that she was standing here simply as a survivor, and not the heiress of the Hilton conglomerate.

She spoke about her trauma- as for two decades she couldn’t sleep at night- for she kept having nightmares of physical violence, and the loss of youth- every single time she shut her eyes. While this could be medically diagnosed as insomnia, she knew it was trauma.

Paris Hilton Spoke About Teenage Trauma 

Later, Paris Hilton spoke about a horrifying event from her teen years, when she woke up to find a couple of large men standing in her bedroom- where they asked her if she wanted it the easy or the hard way. While her initial thought was that she was getting kidnapped- she was actually being sent to a residential care facility- which she considers as the troubled teen industry.

She further added that she was sent to around four different facilities over a period of two years, and her experiences in the facilities still haunt her. Not only was she slapped and strangled, but she was also subjected to other forms of abuse.

Paris Hilton later mentioned that she was constantly forced to take her medication without any medical diagnosis while being thrown into solitary confinement. At Provo Canyon School in Utah, Hilton was also forced to stay inside for around 11 straight months.

This led to her realizing that every single day in America, children who were being kept in congregate care facilities have always been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. She also blamed it on a systemwide lack of accountability and transparency. 

Paris Hilton previously decided to speak and later, pen down her experiences in an essay for The Washington Post. 

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