Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) Gets A ‘Buy’ Rating After Updates On Price Objective


26 brokerages have assigned an average ‘buy’ recommendation to Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) shares. 1 analyst gave a rating of ‘sell’, 10 gave ‘hold’, and 13 gave ‘buy’. Their 12-month average price objective is $57.17 in the previous year.

On Friday, Morgan Stanley started from $63.32 in the stock market with the market cap being $114.56B, 10.68 P/E quotient, 1.70 growth ratio of price-to-earnings along with 1.48 beta. Their current, quick, and debt-to-equity quotient are 0.76, 0.76, and 2.50. The lowest in 1 year is $27.20 while the highest being $65.43. Their 50-day rolling average is $57.09 while the 200-day rolling average being $51.28.

On 13th November, the company paid a $0.35 EPS dividend that indicated an annualized dividend of $1.40, a 28.11% payout ratio, and a 2.21% yield.

According to the 15th October report, Morgan Stanley released a $1.59 EPS quarterly earnings, surpassing the $1.28 EPS consensus estimate by $0.31. The net margin was 19.16% with return equity being 12.33%. Their revenue was $11.66B that surpassed the $10.61B estimate.

MS Stock Transactions

Berenberg Bank raised their price objective of MS stock to $50 from $45 and gave a rating of ‘hold’’. ValuEngine demoted it to ‘strong sell’ from ‘sell’. Bank of America promoted it to $60 from $58 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. UBS Group increased it to $74 from $70 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Zacks demoted it to $50 and gave a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘buy’.

Hutham Olayan, Director, purchased 25,000 MS shares at $55.40 EPS worth $1,385,000. Ufj Mitsubishi sold off 1,020,122 stock at $0.97 EPS worth $989,518.34. Insiders possess 0.26% Morgan Stanley stock.

Nuveen Management raised its MS stake by 10%, owning $958,320,000. Bank of NY Mellon Corp increased their holdings by almost 1.2% and own $690,146,000 worth of shares. Montreal Bank Can lift its stake by approximately 3.2%, owning $506,176,000 worth of shares. FIL Ltd lifted their holdings by 29.6%, owning $431,726,000 worth of shares. Fisher Management lifted their holdings by 4.8%, owning $429,257,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 74.28% MS stock.