G20 Meeting Left In The Middle By Janet Yellen And Other Finance Ministers

G20 Meeting
G20 Meeting

The Finance Ministers of Many countries left the G20 meeting session in the middle that was held in Washington, the capital of America this Wednesday. Meanwhile, a delegate of Russia stated his remarks which clearly showed that the other officials were protesting against the decision of Russia to invade Ukraine. Janet Yellen, the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury went to this walkout along with many other officials of the West who took part in the session.

Boycott Of G20 Meeting Was Done As Russians Were Invited

Chrystia Freeland, the finance minister of Canada stated that democracy will be wasted if people stand idle without taking any step against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and their continued war crimes and aggression. She, later on, posted a picture of the people who attended the G20 meeting with all the officials where Yellen, Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserves, and Christine Lagarde, the President of the Central Bank of Europe.  

Prior to the G20 meeting, the officials mentioned that Yellen would not be a part of any session or gathering where the Russian topic would be discussed. Some officials of Ukraine also attended the session with the status of guests and they left the session during the presentation of Russia. Yellen was a part of the population who left as soon as Anton Siluanov, the Finance Minister of Russia started his speech. 

There are also rumors that all the finance ministers decided to intentionally boycott the Russian presentation. Yellen has also informed the host country of the G20 meeting, Indonesia that if Russia would join, then she won’t be a participant. 

Joe Biden, the President of America earlier stated that Russia should not be in the G20 meeting as they can ask for help through that global opportunity. Thus, Yellen agrees with Biden and stated that she would not participate in other sessions as long as Russia is a part of them.