Nuclear Missile: Russia Recently Did A Test On Intercontinental Missile

Nuclear Missile
Nuclear Missile

There has been buzz all around the world about the news that Russia tested a new intercontinental Nuclear Missile and this is a step that Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia took to threaten America and other countries who are becoming their allies. This news increased the tension especially after Russia invaded Ukraine without any notice. 

The New Ballistic Nuclear Missile Of Russia Is All Set

This news of Nuclear Missile came out at a crucial time when the offensive is being stepped up on the East side of the Donbas region. Putin was viewed as watching the news of their country about the launch of the missile and stated that this one-of-a-kind weapon will be an asset to them and will strengthen their military force. 

Putin also mentioned that this Nuclear Missile will guarantee their safety from foreign threats and the military forces of other countries. He also stated that countries who ate trying to destroy them must think before taking any step. As stated by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, this missile was fired from the Plesetsk cosmodrome which is situated in the north of Arkhangelsk. 

Some videos were posted by the Department of Defense showing the missile of 2018 and their spokesperson reported that all the required procedure was followed before the test of the missile. The President of Russia gave some hints that the situation can escalate and ordered the nuclear strategic forces to stay alert after they invaded Ukraine. 

Russia also mentioned that any other country that will interfere in their purpose will have to face the consequence. The help from European countries and America led Ukraine to blunt the attack of Russia and thus, they failed to capture Kyiv after several attempts. Furthermore, NATO disqualified the no-fly zone over the country and stated that they will not send any help to the war.