Jennifer Aniston Wishes Happy Birthday To Her Ex

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston seems to maintain a very healthy ratio with her ex-husband. Anniston put up an Instagram story where she wished her ex on his birthday. The story contained a couple of pictures of Justin Theroux. The sweet birthday message was well received by the audience. They praised the couple for maintaining such a healthy rapport even after separation. 

Jennifer Aniston Still Friends With Justin Theroux 

Justin celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. Amidst all the wishes he received, one particular wish stood out. The special wish was from her ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Aniston posted a couple of pictures on her story. Both the pictures were adorable. She captured them separately and wished Justin a very happy birthday. 

The first picture saw Justin all suited up. He was seen to be resting beside his pet dog, Kuma. Aniston next shared a hot shirtless picture of Theroux. The actor looked stunning in the frame while having a  playful expression. Aniston captioned the first picture ” Happy Birthday JT”. The second had the writing “Truly one of a kind! LOVE YOU”. The shirtless picture had Justin wear a white-colored visor and a ring made of gold. 

Aniston and Theroux dated for almost four years before getting married. They started dating in 2011. The couple tied the knots in 2015. Unfortunately, due to marital indifferences, both of them decided to part ways. The divorce took place in the year 2018. Jennifer Aniston was shot to fame by performing in “Friends”. Justin Theroux was known popularly for his role in ” Mosquito Coast”. 

Jennifer Aniston has remained close to her ex-husband even after getting separated. Both the stars have shared an adorable ratio since their divorce. They have always stood up for one another and extended ample support when in need. The duo reportedly keeps in touch through regular calling, text messages, and face time.