Olivia Rodrigo Encourages Youths To Get Vaccines As Soon As Possible

olivia rodrigo
olivia rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo asked the young generation to get vaccinated quickly. She attended a conference at the White House on Wednesday. Rodrigo expressed her joy and stated that she was honored to stand at the prestigious podium. She addressed all the teenagers to take the vaccine as a safety measure against the pandemic.

Olivia Rodrigo Meets Joe Biden, Expresses Gratitude On Being Invited To White House

The actress was overjoyed and thanked the US President, Joe Biden for the opportunity. She also acknowledged the commendable efforts of Biden along with Dr. Anthony Fauci. She stated that the efforts put in by the two were remarkable in coping with the Covid Situation. 

Olivia Rodrigo elaborated on the fact that all the youths should come forward and opt for the vaccination. She said this would not only prevent them from the deadly virus. This act will also establish the youths as examples of responsible citizens to the world. Rodrigo revealed that she has already spoken to many youths and also the young members of her own family. 

Olivia Rodrigo is set to shoot a promotional video with Biden & Fauci. The clip will be made available on the social media handles of both Rodrigo & the White House. Earlier, she rose to fame in “Sour”. This was the first album for Rodrigo and it was a massive success. Olivia has a huge fan following. Over a 28million people follow her on her social media handles.

This campaign was intentionally structured by the government to target the youths. The American government has taken up multiple campaigns to ensure faster vaccination rates. Earlier a Challenge for the Colleges was also launched. This campaign needed the head of the institution to vaccinate the students as soon as possible. The youth vaccination campaign idea is a welcome move. This should bolster the ongoing fight against the pandemic even more.

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