Kelly Marie Tran Said She Doesn’t Require Social Media

kelly marie tran
kelly marie tran

Kelly Marie Tran is widely famous for her roles in Star Wars as well as the recent Raya And The Last Dragon. The star made headlines back in the day when she completely removed her existence from social media. Back in 2018, in the month of June, the actress took down her social media. This was due to the online sexist and racist harassment, which was in turn caused by her becoming the first woman of color in a lead role for the franchise. And now, in a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, of which she graces the cover, she dished more about it. 

Kelly Marie Tran also spoke about the Kardashian family, who have recently been under criticism. This is due to them selling weird food materials for dietary reasons. But then, the Star Wars actress also said that she does have some claim on online citations. The American-Vietnamese actress has also admitted that the activity has everything to do with social media itself. But, she says that it is merely to keep herself up-to-date about the current news and affairs. And that she extremely limits her presence online. 

Kelly Marie Tran Is Happy Without Social Media

Kelly Marie Tran admitted that ever since she wiped her social media presence in public, she has been “much happier.” She also said that several of her agents had asked her about brand endorsements. But she admitted that she wasn’t up for selling “flat-tummy tea,” which is targeted towards young girls. 

She also said that she wouldn’t be resurrecting her accounts anytime soon. And that it seemed unlikely. She said she only keeps social media “one-sided” now. 

She added then that they could talk about Social Media related to Mental Health. But it could also speak about social media and the idea of what fame does to one.

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