Ron DeSantis Mocks Anthony Fauci Inspite Of Alarming Spikes In Covid Cases

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis handed out merchandise that mocked Dr.Anthony Fauci. This was a protest as the Republicans were against the policies of Biden. Meanwhile, the number of covid counts has witnessed a significant surge over the last few days. Ron believed that this was a result of the incompetency of the government. 

Ron DeSantis Leads Campaign Against Fauci

America recorded an alarming surge in its covid situation recently. It saw the number of infected go up significantly. Raising concerns about the situation, DeSantis criticized the Biden government. He distributed t-shirts and other merchandise that had mock captions. The captions were directed towards Fauci, who advises the White House medically.

Ron DeSantis is currently serving as the governor of the state of Florida. He has excelled in his fields in recent years. He is also considered as one of the contenders for the election in 2024. DeSantis always opposed the policy of complete shutdown. He refused to lock the state up despite repeated reminders from the health faculties. 

Ron DeSantis criticized Fauci’s policies heavily. He stated that Florida excelled in the economy, unlike the other states. This was possible because DeSantis did not abide by the guidelines designed by Fauci. 

However, the state of Florida has recorded the most death cases. It also has the highest number of cases reported daily, which is just behind Arkansas. Ron DeSantis’ mockery however did not seem to bother Fauci. He refused to give any sort of importance to the mockery. Fauci also termed Ron’s policy as bewildering. 

The threat of another wave looms large over the USA. The government must implement necessary policies to ensure the safety of the citizens.

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