Los Bukis’ Reunion Spreads Happiness Among Families

Los Bukis
Los Bukis

Los Bukis, the Mexico-based legendary band, got back together. The band was formed in 1975 by Joel Solis and Marco Antonio Solis who were cousins. The first song released by the band was Falso Love or Falso Amor, which was a massive hit. It took the band members 25 years to reunite. All the tickets got sold out. The concert is to be held at the SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, the city situated in the state of California. The concert will begin on Friday. 

Los Bukis Stories

The announcement of the reunion of Los Bukis led to the emergence of a plethora of feelings within the fans of the Latin communities. Several generations of the community were hit with nostalgic memories. Following the announcement, the various platforms of social media were full of videos showing children surprising their grandparents and parents. They surprised them with the tickets to the concerts of Los Bukis. One of the videos that went viral revealed the children surprising their father on Father’s Day. The children dressed up as the members of Los Bukis and then went on to surprise the parents by giving them the tickets. This brought tears of happiness to their eyes.

The video also reveals how the parents start dancing after that. The family is based in San Bernardino. The daughter told the sources that the family is quite familiar with the band and that she and her siblings grew up listening to the tracks of Los Bukis. She also stated that the band was special for the family because the songs remind their parents of the initial days they started seeing each other. But they haven’t been able to attend any of their concerts until now.