One Person Shot, Killed During Black Lives Matter Protest In Texas

A person got shot and was killed during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Austin, Texas on Saturday, July 25th.

Authorities report that several shots were fired amid the ongoing protest and a man was killed in the midst of it.

Facebook live footage clarifies the events of the day. It captures the moment when several shots were being fired in the city of Texas and on the other hand, hundreds of people marched on chanting, “Fists up! Fight back!”

During the shooting, one person was hit by a bullet and killed. Austin police and the medical services confirm the same. No other deaths occurred, nor was anyone else hurt.

Reports gathered till now have only clarified that the suspect of the crime was carrying a rifle and shot directly at the victim, who was in his car at the moment. Further information on the same is still to come. Presently, the suspect has been detained.

The Black Lives Matter has faced a lot of brutality coming from the authorities and the police. The movement, which was sparked after the brutal killing of George Floyd, still stands strong and continues even in the face of a global pandemic.