Why Having A wrist Watch is Wise As Science Dictates

apple watch
apple watch

When you take a look around, you will, without a doubt, find that a few people wear watches as an accessory strapped on their wrists. But why should anyone own one? Is it just an accessory, or does it have a function? Well, let us find out what science has to say about these wristwatches and why they so important.

So let us jump right into it:

Watch wearers are more time conscience
In this modern-day and age, you will think that by now the mobile phones we possess will have replaced the very function of a traditional wristwatch. And as much as there is some truth to that, you will be stunned to find out that wearing a watch is far more practical.


Let us dig into these two subjects, one with a wristwatch one without. So, when both people were subjected to an experiment on lateness getting to a specific location, it was evident that the watch wearer was mostly earlier. The reason was quite easy to decipher. You see, both subjects had phones, which they both used to look at the time while they prepare. But since the wrist wearer had a watch always on their wrist, they were more inclined to know precisely what time it was right to the minute, thus their time

Watch wearers are more emotionally stable

This is a crazy one, but please indulge us:

Yes, wristwatch wearers are more emotionally stable and can keep their cool better than those who do not wear one. The reason is explained through an experiment to check how both sides respond to different stimuli. When both were exposed to a situation that would invoke stress and anxiety, the watch wearer seemed to have it together as opposed to the one without one. The no-wristwatch wearer was fidgety, seemed impatient, and their concern went up the roof. But the ones with wristwatches remained calm and collected to a certain level.

Watch wearers are more strategic and organized

This benefit goes undisputed, and science has proved that it is legit. When you have a wristwatch, you tend to delegate duties to a stipulated time limit. For instance, one may put aside ten minutes to take a shower, five minutes to dressing, and another five to groom themselves. Another ten for breakfast and voila, they are done! You see, in just 30 minutes, they are fully awake, dressed, had breakfast, and already out the door to start their day. This mode of living keeps you on your toes as it prompts you to get everything in order to meet the deadline.

It means that as you shower, you think of what to wear if you haven’t yet. As you dress, you think of what to eat for breakfast, so on and so forth. Hope you get the gist.

This culture goes beyond getting ready for work; it applies in all aspects and manners of life. Preparing dinner, meeting deadlines at work, and even going about extra curriculum activities as going to the gym or the library, the same is applied.

Wristwatches keep you safe
As we conclude, we finish with the point that wristwatches could be a safety precaution. Having one will prevent you from being a possible victim of theft. The very need of whipping out your phone to check for the time is eradicated. Especially in shoddy locations, dark alleys, and unsafe open spaces.

With that said, having a Rolex watch as an investment sounds like a reasonable and sound plan right! So why not get one today, science supports it.