Oregon GOP Rep Mike Nearman Videoed Giving Instructions On Entering Capitol

mike nearman
mike nearman

Mike Nearman, a lawmaker of the state of Oregon has been seen in a new video seemingly telling people how to enter the state Capitol. He has already been charged after the allegation of allowing entry to protestors in the 6th January riots. In the video, the people present were debating the restrictions for Covid-19.

Evidence Is Piling Up Against GOPs Like Mike Nearman

The video that runs for 78 minutes shows Mike Nearman, a Republican representative, talking to an unknown audience about the steps for an operation called “Hail Pass”. The video is available on YouTube at the time of writing the article. The incident was streamed on 16th December 2020.

However, whether Mike Nearman was aware of being recorded is unclear. When the video starts, Newman says that his advice will let the audience take part in the legislature’s functioning. Later on, however, the conversation steers towards how people cannot get into Capitol Hill because of the restrictions due to the pandemic. Then, Mike Nearman starts explaining in detail the important contacts and how to enter the building.

He mentions this Operation Hail Pass that is being set up, and how he will deny it if allegations ever come up. Then he controversially gives a phone number and highly specific directions about a possible entry point. He repeatedly insists that the numbers are random but they are indeed a valid phone number.

CNN confirms that the number belongs to the representative himself. He then talks about different timings and scenarios about the right day and time to enter the building.

Court records say the Nearman had a charge of official misconduct of the first-degree and criminal trespass of the second-degree leveled against him. Earlier on in 2021, he had said that he was a victim of “mob justice”. No comments were available for his lawyer for the video.

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