Apple Unleashes A Slew Of Features In WWDC


Apple Incorporated has often been criticized for controlling the App Store far too much. On Monday, in its annual WWDC, announced plans that will see privacy and data have increased security. To rival the video conferencing platform Zoom, the company also announced new features for iPhones.

The Host Of Features From Apple

Several new features let users safeguard data by entrusting the brand of Apple for the job. Users can scan identity cards in U.S. states that will agree to participate. The cards will then be stored in a digital wallet of the user under encryption. In participating cities, transit and credit cards can also be stored.

In several cases, Apple will never have access to the information. The company’s storage service called iCloud received an upgrade that can hide the users’ habits while browsing the Web. Another feature can hide the e-mail addresses of the users. The cost for iCloud is not going to change, the company reassures.

As for its rivalry with Zoom and Teams from Microsoft, several tweaks have been approved for its services and apps. Both Zoom and Teams gained immense popularity in the previous two years.

The company gave an update to its app for video chatting called FaceTime. Now, calls can be scheduled with several attendees. The software can now also be used with Windows and Android devices. Apple furthermore introduced in-app events. Developers can host events live inside their apps while having the events be featured on the App Store in real-time.

More features were introduced by Apple included taking a picture of a sign which the AI can then identify and tell you the text. Android already had this feature for quite some time now.

The remaining time was about its practices concerning the App Store. Tim Cook, the CEO, said that they were aiming for an environment promoting the trust of the consumers

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