AOC Calls Out Green New Deal Opposition Citing New York Flooding


On Thursday, Liberal Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or AOC) rebuked lawmakers who had voted against her legislation aimed at combatting the crisis of climate change. She shared horrifying videos of flooding that happened in the city of New York to prove her point.

AOC Mocks The Filibuster As Well

New Jersey and the state of New York experienced torrential rainfall while Tropical Storm Elsa moves upwards along the north-eastern coast. As a result, underground stations of the subways and streets all experienced devastating flooding.

The New York congresswoman posted a video in which commuters could be seen wading in water that is up to their waist as they made their way through subway stations. AOC took the opportunity to rebuke the lawmakers who had opposed her proposal called the Green New Deal.

She sarcastically said on Twitter that her deal was called unrealistic even though it would have created good jobs in the millions while rebuilding infrastructure for stemming climate change. It would also have provided protection for vulnerable communities. She added that instead, legislators did the grown-up thing: abide by executive orders from fossil fuel companies and make people swim to get to work.

AOC was possibly referring to a secret video that was leaked involving a senior lobbyist in Exxon. In it, the Exxon representative was saying that Exxon had tried to waken the climate agenda of President Biden. They did so using “shadow groups” which increased climate denialism. They also targeted lawmakers of influence to modify public opinion regarding the present climate crisis.

AOC then tweeted another video showing New York’s Major Deegan Expressway submerged in water. She pointed out that the filibuster has nothing in it for fixing it. The infrastructure deal of Biden, which has initiatives for combatting the crisis brought about by climate change, currently faces the threat of a filibuster by the GOP.