Ozark Season 4: What Do We Need To Know


After a couple of years, Ozark made its much-awaited return on Netflix on Friday, the 21st of January. The plot would be moving from the death of Helen Pierce, as the new season envisions the Byrdes working closer than ever with Omar Navarro. But still, trouble ensues. After the first seven episodes, fans would definitely be looking towards Part 2 of Season 4- and this is all we have to say about the plot window. 

Ozark Makes Its Return To Netflix

The Season 4 of Ozark did do quite a time jump, as now the Byrdes are preparing to leave the gang and return to Chicago. But they were derailed when a semi-truck swerved into their lane, putting their fates in the hands of destiny. From there, the show moves on to the Byrdes finding themselves at the compound of Navarro, where he tasks them the job of helping him receive his immunity- which would allow him to move freely between Mexico and the United States. Unfortunately, the move backfires when Navarro finds himself arrested- leading to Javi taking over for him. 

Now Ozark takes a deep turn towards the dark as Javi immediately kills Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore over their refusal to grow drugs. After locating the bodies, Ruth Langmore visits the Byrde residence- demanding the identity of the person responsible. As soon as Jonah Byrde informs her, Ruth storms out with her gun, with revenge on her mind. 

In an interview, the producer of the show, Chris Mundy did open up about the second half of Ozark Season 4. It goes without saying that Javi will undoubtedly be a major focus for the entire series, but Mundy has asked the audience to keep an eye out for Navarro too.

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