Palm Springs Awards Called Off

Palm Springs Awards
Palm Springs Awards

Palm Springs Awards is one of the biggest spectacles of winter. Thousands of fans wait to witness the awards eagerly. The festival is one of the most luxurious film events in the United States. The show is usually packed with renowned stars. A lot of fun-filled events are organized. Screening of quality movies is also an added attraction of the award. 

However, the gala event has been suffering from the covid obstacle. The event was canceled the previous year due to the onset of the pandemic. Things looked great for this year and all the preparations were made. Unfortunately, tragedy struck once again. The organizers have once again been compelled to call off the event. 

America has witnessed an alarming surge in covid cases in the recent past. People have been infected with the virus all over the country. The death rate has also gone up. Most of the theaters are being shut down once again. Broadway has decided to call off their shows. 

The Palm Springs Awards will also be closed for in-house attendance. This will be the second year in a row the awards will not be separated physically. The event was expected to take place on 6th January 2022. The center of the convention was all decked up to welcome the stars. Unfortunately, that was not to be. 

Palm Springs Awards Will Have Zero In House Attendance

The Palm Springs Awards have decided to restrict the entries. All the fans would be restricted from entering the event premises. A spokesperson has conveyed the news recently. He stated that the decision was taken for everyone’s welfare. He also stressed the safety of the VIPs and other staff. 

However, Palm Springs Awards will be given to deserving candidates. The show announced “Entertainment Tonight” as their partner. More details on the show will be provided later.