Chris North Will Not Feature In “The Equalizer”

Chris North
Chris North

Chris North continues to be in deep waters. He is a renowned star and is well known for his acting. The actor stands out for his exceptional adaptations of characters. North has featured in a lot of movies. He has portrayed some memorable roles as well. Chris is famous for playing the character of Mr.Big in “Sex and the city”.

However, he has been plagued by some nasty controversies recently. A couple of women have accused the actor of abusing them sexually. The incidents reportedly took place in the year 2004 and 2015. Both of them stated that North raped them forcefully. 

One of the women complained that the actor made her perform oral sex forcefully. She also stated that North laughed at her when she was pleading for mercy. Things have since then gone worse for Chris. A couple of more women have come forward with charges of sexual exploitation. 

All these charges are proving to be very costly for Chris North. He has been criticized heavily by the fans. North has also been scrapped off his role in ” The Equalizer”. The production conveyed the message to North shortly after the scandal became public. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Chris North Haunted By Sexual Scandal 

Chris North has been losing a lot of faces recently. The sexual assault scandal is seemingly haunting the actor’s life. North has denied all the claims whatsoever. He clearly stated that he is very much respectful of women. North also stated that he has always kept his professional life and personal life separate. 

Chris North’s co-stars have reacted on the matter. Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon & Sarah Jessica Parker reflected their thoughts. They stated that it was heartbreaking for them to hear about their co-star. The actresses wished Chris North luck for the future.