Pandemic’s spread and sagging polls prompt Trump retreat

Coronavirus outbreak has not only affected the day to day lives of common people but also had taken a toll on the US presidential election. It had been for a long time that President Donald Trump had remained in denial about the seriousness of the present situation. However, an upsurge of two million coronavirus cases last month brought the President a moment of realization. He realized that things might get worse and even worsened before things improve.

The same President who believed a few months ago that the situation is under control. He felt earlier that the increased rate of testing has brought about all the panic among people. He has finally come to terms with reality. He now carries his mask to promote it among people.

The sinking polls had made him aware of the disappointment he might face in the upcoming election. He has taken an initiative to delay the opening of the schools to ensure safety during the hard times.

“I think he is finally starting to get it,” one Trump adviser said, pointing to Trump’s recognition of his dire political standing and the pandemic’s reality. “But can he do this for the next 100 days? I think if he does, he wins.”

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