US Senate primary in Tennessee pits Trump’s candidate against conservative insurgency

President Donald Trump’s candidate, Bill Hagerty and had been found to have got indulged in a silent fight with Dr. Manny Sethi. On Thursday, in a phone interview, the US ambassador to Japan, Hagerty, criticized Dr. Manny Sethi. He aimed at the doctor by attacking him with direct messages at the Republicans.

Sethi was depicted by the US ambassador to Japan to be a ‘phony conservative who only supported President Donald Trump only when the times are ‘convenient’. On the other hand, Dr. Sethi did not keep quiet and passed a fiery comment on Hagerty. Hagerty was described by Dr. Manny Sethi to be a ‘Washington insider’ yet a ‘Mitt Romney Republican.’

The primary which is supposed to be held on August 5th would determine how well Trump’s endorsements went. However, Trumps’s popularity had decreased due to his mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak. This made him quite unpopular. But how much that is yet to be seen and known though. Bill Hagerty is also going to face the consequences.

“Tennesseans can trust me to stand with Senator Blackburn and President Trump,” said Hagerty. “That’s been my track record.”

“We are on the verge of a historical upset in Tennessee politics of finally defeating the Republican establishment in Tennessee,” Sethi said.

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