‘Near catastrophic’ paparazzi car chase in New York, according to Prince Harry and Meghan

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According to their spokeswoman, wife Meghan, and Prince Harry were recently embroiled in a frenzied automobile pursuit with New York paparazzi at night on Tuesday that might have had “catastrophic” consequences. While returning the WVA at the city’s Ziegfeld Ballroom, the Sussex family was followed by photographers in sort of a convoy which included Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. Even though nobody was wounded, the event left the couple frightened, according to their security statement. Although there were allegedly “numerous” photographers making the Sussexes’ transportation “challenging,” police stated that no injuries, arrests, or collisions had been reported.

Meghan And Prince Harry Claim To Have Been Involved In Fatal Argument Followed By Car Chase By Photographers

The pair claims that the argument with the photographers was dangerous and prolonged. The representative for the pair stated that the previous night Prince Harry and Meghan got into a fatal car chase. “During this unrelenting pursuit, which lasted more than two hours, there were numerous close calls involving other road users, two officers from NYPD as well as pedestrians.” The event, according to the people involved in the couple’s security, was chaotic and featured paparazzi in a wide variety of vehicles, which included scooters, cars, mopeds, and electric cycles. The Sussexes allegedly had to exchange automobiles during the pursuit.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) issued a statement in which it acknowledged the broad strokes of the Sussexes’ claim but used less flamboyant language to do so. According to Julian Phillips, the deputy commissioner for public communications for the NYPD, “there were numerous photographers that made their transport challenging” on Tuesday evening as the NYPD “assisted the private security team protecting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” Meghan and Prince Harry reached their destination safely and there weren’t any reports of summonses or collisions. Neither were there any reported arrests or injuries.