Prince Harry’s Rigid Decision About The Royal Duties

Prince harry

Prince Harry is determined not to go back to the royal family which once build up who he is and broke him too. And this time he has made that crystal clear to Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes. Prince Harry’s book is expected to release on 10th January. 

‘Spare’ By Prince Harry May Not Spare The Royal Family

This new memoir of Prince Harry may shake up some things in the royal family. As he declared this is not a revenge book or any kind of attack on the royal family. This is his life and experiences till now and the obstacles he faced growing up after his mother Princess Diana’s death. The whole world came down crushing on him, and he still regrets the decision not to talk to her longer when she was on her deathbed.

When further asked by the Emmy award-winning journalist Anderson Cooper if prince Harry is even thinking about going back to royal duties? and his answers were straight No.

Prince Harry’s memoir is mainly focused on love, grief, and healing from traumas. This is the first time in the United States they would be discussing his book.

Many were worried about this book coming out with Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docu-series, which would disclose many conspiracies and many names that would harm the royal names. A few months ago Prince Harry’s one ex-girlfriend made herself known about how they two spent time and shared a short time fling.

Prince Harry’s thoughts on reconciling with his brother and father King Charles, also his and Meghan’s trip to South Africa are totally wrapped in this memoir.

In an interview, Harry shared how the royals and the United Kingdom still sees them as the villain of the story. And he has said this before and will say it again he wants a family, not an institution. And he does miss his family and now he misses the former queen more. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry were close, they used to binge the Netflix series Crown together. And Spare is full of raw emotions and feelings which the whole world has been dying to know since the late 90s.

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