Kellyanne Conway Comes Up With An Interesting Cameo During The Premiere Of American Idol

Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is being a supportive mother during Valentine’s day- which is quite an interesting shift from the usual traditions. On the premiere of American Idol, the former aide of the White House had a virtual cameo during the audition of her 16-year-old daughter. This is the fourth season of the competition under ABC, and Conway didn’t forget to provide some useful advice to her ward. 

Kellyanne Conway’s Teenage Daughter Has Grown Up Into An Independent Woman In a Politically Divided Household

Over the Internet, she asked her daughter if she was feeling alright and ready to break a leg. Her daughter, Claudia responded by mentioning that she was quite ready- yet nervous. Kellyanne Conway stated that this was a completely natural event. After all, the American Idol is one of the biggest singing competitions in the world- with a huge section of the population simply wishing they were here. And to be a part of the process- to be living the dream, it was time for Claudia Conway to show what she was made of. 

In one of the promo clips before her performance, Claudia had talked about how arguments in her house escalated beyond control- and the music was the only thing letting her life. Standing before Lionel Richie, Luke Perry, and Katy Perry, she stated that her mother used to work for Donald Trump- while her father worked against him. Interestingly, she never liked getting dragged into any political debacles that might have come up at her household- at the cost of mental peace. 

Putting a brave step forward, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway continued by saying that it was really difficult to adjust with her mother who was one of the main aides of a President the teen strongly disagreed with. 

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