Reverend Tony Spell has earned quite a fame for trying different kinds of death-defying activities – by putting other people’s lives in danger. Well, he might be brave or might be trying to prove something, but his inspiration is not really well-directed. He has recently tried to flirt with death again and this time, he has flouted the rules set by authorities. Despite being on house arrest, he brought people and put them all together in the church, without heeding any social-distancing rules. 

The Defiant Tony Spell

Spell showed off an ankle bracelet to the congregation and said that it was a crying shame that people got to hide nowadays. Most religious leaders are trying to follow the social distancing rules put out for them. They do not want to harm people’s health. And so, they have shifted their service to a virtual platform. The same has not been done by Tony Spell. Spell, however, had a weird way of putting social distancing. He claims that if the congregation wasn’t in the church, they would have been touching each other. They were strictly told not to touch each other if they were self-quarantining. However, that makes very little sense since the people need to be at least 6-feet apart.

Spell had been arrested before when he was accused of trying to run over a protestor. This kind of flouting of the social distancing rules might in fact put Spell under confinement yet again. Roger Corcoran, the Police Chief of Baton Rouge Central stated: “It will not be up to a judge on whether he’s picked up or not, and what his punishment will be.”

There have been many outbreaks all over the world regarding this pandemic. It is clear that Tony Spell is not taking this thing seriously. Maybe, education and proper accountability can help put an end to this situation. 

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