Tom Cotton: Ban Chinese Students From Learning Science So They Can’t ‘Steal’ Coronavirus Vaccine

It might be true that the Coronavirus has emerged from China, but that does not mean that we should be racist towards Chinese people. However, many famous personalities, as well as the common folk, are increasingly pushing hateful speech towards the Chinese population. Tom Cotton (R-AR) made a surprising statement where he said that we should not allow Chinese students to study Science in the United States. The reason, they might try to steal any coronavirus vaccine from the country. 

The View of Tom Cotton About CCP

According to Tom Cotton, the Chinese Communist Party has kept stealing the intellectual property of the United States for a long time now and they may not stop all of a sudden. According to him, on the flip side, during this pandemic, intellectual property is being valued at an all-time high. And so, it might become an important mission for CCP to actively sabotage the laboratories of the United States and the research being conducted on prophylactic and therapeutic drugs which could lead to a vaccine soon enough. 

As per Cotton, this active sabotage can have a twisted motivation behind it. The CCP might be trying to take the credit of the new vaccine by performing such an act. They could also try to use the vaccine as leverage and gain in the power-dynamic relationship between China and the USA. If it was Cotton’s way, then the Chinese students should be learning “Shakespeare and the Federalist Papers.”. They should not be allowed to focus on scientific subjects like AI or quantum mathematics. There should be restrictions on their visas.

It is clear that Tom Cotton doesn’t want China to get any leverage over the United States. 

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