Patrick Reed Entangled In A Farmers Insurance Open “Free Ball” Controversy

Patrick Reed
Patrick Reed

The third round of the Farmers Insurance Open appeared to be beneficial for the American Patrick Reed. The round had a “free ball” that led to a major controversy later on. However, the American Golfer has put forward his stance regarding the ongoing situation.

The second shot made by Patrick Reed on the 10th was rough. Believing that the ball was plugged into the turf, he moved it himself without calling an official. Patrick claimed that the reason he moved the ball was because it was “embedded into the turf”.

The starting point of the controversy was when the official who later on deemed that Patrick’s claim of the ball being embedded was true and he was allowed a free drop. The player then made an under the par score at a hole.

PGA Tour Rules Official Finds Patrick Reed In A No-Penalty Situation

However, as opposed to the official’s statement, TV replays showed that the ball had bounced once before it settled into the turf. Patrick Reed mentioned in a statement post the incident that he had not made a mistake because the rules official had clearly stated that they had done everything “perfectly”.

The 2018 Masters winner, Patrick Reed went on to say that everything is not entirely clear and visible when you are in the field. Sometimes they have to rely on the officials and the volunteers of the game who determine complex situations. He also stated with confidence that despite the growing pressure of the controversy, they feel that they have done the right thing.

Patrick Reed who had earlier received a two-stroke penalty during the Hero World Challenge goes without a penalty this time. Ken Tackett, PGA Tour rules official mentioned that Patrick has done everything that can be expected from a player so he cannot be penalized for the situation. But the standard practice still remains not to move the ball without an official’s presence.

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